Thursday, February 18, 2010

Internet Censorship: Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet Censorship is a tool used by many countries in including China, India and Saudi Arabia, to control and regulate what kind of internet content it's citizens are allowed to access within the country. There are many advantages and disadvantages to censorship.

Advantages of Internet Censorship
  • Censorship can help protect people from inappropiate content - adult content, "bad" websites
  • Can help reduce/eliminate illegal activity on web such as illegal downloads of music and other content
  • Can help reduce/eliminate online identity thieft
  • Can help guard personal computers from "spam"
  • May lead to new advances in information technology

Disadvantages of Internet Censorship

  • Restricts freedom of speech and freedom of self-expression - ultimately a violation of basic human rights
  • Internet users could be and probably are, missing out useful information that can be found on the web
  • Gives governments too much power and control over what can be accessed and what can not
  • Most of the time, governments are not very successful at fully enforcing this - people find ways to bypass this censorship
  • Government has a hold on power - monopoly over telecommunications companies and other internet providers

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  1. As a subscriber of an Australian broadband service provider, Internet has brought good changes in my kids' life. The internet have become their library to learn about different things. It is up to parents how they can handle their kids with regard to responsible internet use.


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